Michelle Rodriguez released

Michelle Rodriguez

Serving only 17 days, Michelle Rodriguez was released from the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. Originally, Michelle was to serve 180 days without the possibility of early release for her probation violation. There’s no word yet on why they let her out early. Until the news says otherwise, I’ll assume it’s because they discovered her penis.

Update: Michelle was released because of overcrowding. The penis is still as of yet undiscovered.

There was a court hearing yesterday where the judge expressed her displeasure about the plan to release Rodriguez early, but ultimately said the Sheriff controlled the jail. The judge made it clear — she wanted Michelle in the slammer for her sentence.

But law enforcement sources say the Sheriff felt he had to treat Rodriguez the way he treats every other female inmate. Because of severe overcrowding, the standard is to release everyone after they serve 10% of their time. Even though the judge drew the line in the sand and demanded the full nine yards, the Sheriff felt equality was more important.

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