Naomi Campbell would be pleased

53-year-old James Jackson, former VP of legal affairs at Sony Pictures, was sentenced to 200 hours of community service for harboring an alien. His wife, Elizabeth, 54, was sentenced to three years in jail after pleading guilty to a charge of forced labor. This was after a court heard testimony about their mistreatment of Nena Ruiz, their Filipino maid, in a case of “modern-day slavery.”

Ruiz was forced to eat three-day-old food and to sleep on a dog basket after working 18 hours a day. Over the course of several months’ employment between 2001 and 2002 she was paid only 300 dollars.

In a related civil lawsuit, Ruiz said Elizabeth Jackson regularly slapped her and pulled her hair.

The Jacksons also threatened to turn her over to immigration authorities if she left them, Ruiz said. Ruiz finally fled the Jacksons after she was hit in the mouth with a water bottle in February 2002.

This is why I outfit my Filipino maid with a shock collar on their leg so she can’t wander more than 500 feet from my house. I also make sure not to teach her any English because once she learns the word “help,” people start to get suspicious. Right now whenever she waves wildly and screams at the neighbors from my backyard, they think she’s just saying, “Hi!” Yes, wave to the nice people, Ms. Ruiz. Now, let’s go inside so you may lick my toilet clean.

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16 years ago

i dont think that is funny… you are a racist for even thinking that such jokes are okay… considering what she went through… or by even referring to filipinas as maids… or not knowing english… shame on you….

16 years ago

oh what a sad story.. being trapped by abusive people.. i hope the filipino got the money he/she desrved.