Tom Cruise is crazy

Here are a few more creepy videos of Tom Cruise taken from the Scientology Awards. In the video above, Tom Cruise salutes a painting of L. Ron Hubbard. In the first video below, it talks about how Tom Cruise saved firemen, etc. after 9/11, ridding them of the toxins in their body (you know it’s true because the toxins come out purple!) Then in another video below, Tom Cruise lets out a silent but deadly fart. Just kidding… or am I? A lot more after the jump.

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c smith
c smith
14 years ago

Tom Cruise is CRAZY!

How can anyone be so fuckn stupid!

Who would ever want to watch this doltish idiot on any screen? They’d have to be NUTS TOO!

Katie will grow up someday and BE OUT the door!

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