Kelly Rowland’s life seems hard

Kelly Rowland hung out in Miami in a green bikini thing. She was once part of Destiny’s Child with Beyonce, but the thing I remember most about her is her collapsing on stage. *Stops laughing long enough to wipe a tear from eye* Good times.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

She’s got an ass that’s just begging to have my tongue slide into it. Seeing those jugs swaying whilst she getting chapped taint.
seeing her chitlins getting all swollen up, listening to her grunting while my tongue works over that cornhole.. Give her an extra long straw, she can suck the cum out her colon when I’m done.

cornhole is a loser
cornhole is a loser
15 years ago

oh christ, cornholio is back