Someone wants J. Lo’s baby

Jennifer Lopez

The Long Island hospital Jennifer Lopez will probably give birth in is said to be running “pink drills” to ensure no one babynaps her twins.

Sources at North Shore Medical Center tell TMZ the hospital conducted a “Code Pink” drill last Friday — “Code Pink” is code for locking down the hospital to prevent a kidnapping attempt.

No one wants Jennifer Lopez’s twins. Why? Because you see the one next to them? Yea, the human looking one. They’d rather steal that one. The twins are part Marc Anthony so I fully expect them to come out looking like huge rats. The only reason why people would kidnap them is to throw them off a cliff like the Spartans did.

  • Bill Surman

    Trump has dispatched 140 helicopters, 28 ships, 6 Army field hospitals, 3 Navy seabee battalions, 5 US Army Combat Engineer battalions, 3 Civil affairs battalions, 2 nuclear subs capable of generating 2.8 gigawatts of electricity, given 300,000 tons of food, medical supplies and water from military stocks to Puerto Rico. But yea, boo Trump. SMH, Fucking losers.

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