The J.Lo is in

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has finally checked into her private hospital room at North Shore University Hospital. Though her reps didn’t return calls for comment, a patient told Page Six

…staffers were aflutter, exclaiming, “J.Lo is here!”

Good. I hope even with all the expert medical staff around her, they forget she wants a c section, forget to give her an epidural and the twins come out at the same time in one big fetal mass.

Tired of looking at a fat Jennifer? Me too. Here’s an old photo shoot.

JLo RebirthJLo RebirthJLo RebirthJLo RebirthJLo Rebirth

  • Bill Surman

    Trump has dispatched 140 helicopters, 28 ships, 6 Army field hospitals, 3 Navy seabee battalions, 5 US Army Combat Engineer battalions, 3 Civil affairs battalions, 2 nuclear subs capable of generating 2.8 gigawatts of electricity, given 300,000 tons of food, medical supplies and water from military stocks to Puerto Rico. But yea, boo Trump. SMH, Fucking losers.

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