What is Gary saying?

Gary Busey made a call to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM show this morning to explain why he interrupted his interview last night on the red carpet of the Oscars. Listen to it here. This dude is weird. If Gary started talking to me, I’d have a shank ready in one of my hands.

“What I wanted to do. When I first saw you working I thought, ‘Who is this guy?’ I thought, ‘Oh god this isn’t going to work.’ And then, you captured me… You are to me ,when you are working, an innocent champion of honesty. Your heart has a way to embrace the truth in your delivery without looking like you are reading from the script. Everything looks spontaneous and… Spontaneity comes from an invisible idea that is there before the creation begins and you have that naturally. So, I just wanted to pay you the compliment. I wanted to talk to you about other things. I didn’t know you were in the middle of an interview and I was just moving through there. Your eyes looked like a deer in headlights. [Woman starts talking] Who are you? [Explains who she is. Ryan and Gary talk some more. Same woman starts talking again.] Who’s talking now?”

Psst, Ryan. I think he’s trying to ask you out.

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raggamuffin man
13 years ago

Gary Busey on planet Busey wat a dude!!!

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago


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