Kristin Davis has a sex tape

Kristin Davis

Just in time for the imminent onslaught of Sex and the City marketing, a purported sex tape starring Kristin Davis, Charlotte York on SATC, has surfaced. Only one frame has been released and the female in it does indeed bear a striking resemblance to Kristin, but the site that posted it tells you to sign up for porn star Taylor Rain’s site to see the rest of the pictures. Sadly upon signing up, no pictures are to be found. So, is this for real? The sex tape Kristin and I made together is sitting safe and sound running on repeat on a projector aimed at the side of my house, so my answer is: I don’t know. NSFW version here.

Update: Another picture was released (here). You’re telling me this goofy looking girl is Kristin Davis?

More about this here.

  • capt Cornhole

    The perfect caption:

    Hey bitch…these ball won’t lick themselves.

    BTW: she is the ORIGINAL stick-it-in-her-pooper-girl!

  • Hilarious

    Okay, look. Scott Fayner and porn actress Taylor Rain are bestest of pals (see, etc.). And now the only place you can see these hot! new! pics! is on Taylor Rain’s pay website? And if you read the comments, you’ll notice people saying they can’t even find them there?

    Everybody looking at the same map yet?

    I know the internet is new and all, and we all really, really want to see K. Davis buck naked and humping, but I think you’re out of luck here, kids.

  • Capt. Obvious

    I find Kristin Davis sexually attractive.

  • Hairy Palms

    Uhhh…me too

  • art

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  • ajja


  • alexia richards

    Cristine davis is worse she sucks cock and she loves cocks.

  • Tory

    If you enlarge the photo and look closely, you can see where the photo was photoshopped. The area around the mouth is photoshopped in.

  • wohlogemuth

    nose is different. KD has a sharper nose than the bulbous one featured on this girl on the sex tape

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