Kristin Davis sex pictures are old

Kristin Davis

The sex photos supposedly of Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame that were released yesterday date back five years to an ex-boyfriend of hers. TMZ reports that the 20 photos are being shopped by a broker from California and it’s obviously being used to generate buzz — like I said — for the new Sex and the City movie to be released next year. Kristin’s rep says the pictures aren’t of her and that there is no sex tape.

I don’t know why people care. You can’t even see her face in most them. For all I know, I could be masturbating to looking at a random brunette. It wouldn’t be the first time, but all the other times I knew I wasn’t looking at a celebrity. Now I feel used and sticky.

You can see most of them here. Although, they’re all more of the same.

  • Oh well at least there wasn’t a sextape and it will sure generate a lot of interest in the upcoming SATC movie.

  • eliana

    Via 23/6…”Actress Kristin Davis, who played society hag Charlotte York on “Sex and the City,” is the toast of the Internet now that everyone’s ogling what seem to be stills of her going down on an as-yet-unidentified schlong.” The article continues to expatiate on the complicated thought processes that must’ve racked Kristin’s brain while doing the deed:

  • joeblow

    the report said the pics date back to 1992, that’s 16 years ago, not 5, learn math you retard!

  • Jackson

    Another CELEB SLUT

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