Leelee Sobieski stole my hobby

Leelee Sobieski was plucked from obscurity with her movie The Glass House. She was immediately thrown right back when everyone agreed the movie “sucked donkey balls.” Evidently, she was also in Eyes Wide Shut, but the only thing I remember about that was throwing a hissy fit after I realized I could have bought the uncut version. Anyway, someone asked what her hobby is. Turns out, it’s not creepy at all.

The Eyes Wide Shut actress currently has strands of Albert Brooks, Tim Allen, Martin Short and Stanley Kubrick, and she is on the look-out for more. Sobieski says, “I might show them all as an artwork.”

I’m going to give you a piece of advice Leelee. You have keep these sort of things to yourself. The FBI doesn’t understand people like us.

P.S. Do you want to swap locks of hair? I almost have a full set of Natalie Portman’s. I was shaving her head in the middle of the night — um, as a joke, heh, yea…. joke — and she woke up. She told everyone it was for a movie.

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capt Cornhole
capt Cornhole
15 years ago

I would trade a wad of my pubs for a wad of her fragrant beaver fur! If she’s into the real freaky stuff, I could make a pair of skid stained undies for a equal trade. Might not see me for six weeks after that….my nose sucking every ounce of scent out her panties and pubs….. Time for a trip to the mens room to knock yet another one out!!! Truth be told I like the hair shaved off her cooter…. Does anyone know where she get’s her waxing done. I could pay off Vietnamese waxer and still cum out… Read more »

Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
15 years ago

Leelee is the classic example of a CLASSY & HOTT YET OVERLY PRETENTIOUS WHORE…I do think that she does have hella potential as an actress if she just embraces the more gratuitous nude scenes that having a wonderfully stacked body like the kind she posesses requires…

Obviously her artsy-fartsy, BS film noir crap ain’t workin for her, so she needs to start unleashing them big dogs of hers in that bra ON FILM…Then just watch how fast her popularity will go up…Just like my shaft in her sweet long-legged CORNHOLED ass will too…