Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t understand

Plainly living in a house without mirrors, objects that reflect or puppies that sense evil, Sarah Jessica Parker can’t comprehend why she was voted unsexiest woman alive. So confused is she about her ugliness that she wonders aloud to Grazia magazine.

“Do I have big fake boobs, Botox and big lips? No.

“Do I fit some ideals and standards of some men writing in a men’s magazine? Maybe not.

“Am I really the unsexiest women in the world? Wow!It’s kind of shocking when men…

“It’s so brutal in a way, so filled with rage and anger.

“It upset him (Broderick), because it has to do with his judgement too. It’s condemnation, it’s insane. What can I do?

“I guess you can’t please all people.”

Aww, poor Sarah Jessica Parker. I have no doubt in my mind she’ll make it through this. She’s resilient. Horses are usually pretty forgiving when you give them a carrot and a salt lick.

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15 years ago

I always took her to be more intelligent than other *stars*. So I’m quite confounded that she’s not simply more thankful that she’s so far been considered relatively attractive considering that she’s not your typical beauty. With all of her exposure lately why should she not be surprised that there’s any backlash against her/Carrie Bradshaw…

15 years ago

I’m surprised that she’s letting the opinion of a bunch of people she’ll never meet and who obviously don’t know her bother her. Fans who have met her say she’s very genuine and it’s always been reported that she goes that extra mile when signing autographs, etc. Inner beauty is what counts.

15 years ago

This woman is very …trying to be nice…not nice to look at. Who can only imagine what she looks like in the morning. Remember the movie when she was a witch??? Her chin and facial features are perfect for that. She seems like a nice person…,just not pretty.