Police apprehend London’s most wanted, Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse made headlines again yesterday by headbutting a guy trying to help her into a cab. Amy promised to turn herself in to be questioned about the incident, but she went to visit her goddaughter instead.

That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do because today the 24-year-old singer/songwriter/billy goat was “arrested on suspicion of assault after attending a central London police station by appointment.” However, doctors deemed her unfit to be interviewed.

Presumably, police will have to wait until the doctor comes back and deems her fit enough to be questioned. A very unlikely scenario. You’d have a better chance asking a poo flinging monkey what happened. At least with him, he’ll scratch his head and point to a banana. With Amy, she’ll most likely be high and say something unintelligible like “Mmmglllrk.” What was that Amy? Were you answering the question or drowning?

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Bernard Lavilliers
13 years ago

Yes I with such even to speak did not become.

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