Richie Sambora escaped charges

Last month, Richie Sambora was pulled over when cops noticed him driving erratically in a Hummer with his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car. Richie blew a .13, .05 over the legal limit. The Laguna Beach PD recommended he be charged with child endangerment.

On Tuesday, Richie Sambora pled no contest. The DUI was dismissed and prosecutors decided not to file child endangerment charges. TMZ says “the rank and file cops felt the evidence didn’t support the charge.” Instead, he will pay around $1,600 in fees, be put on three years informal probation and attend a mandatory alcohol education course. They also ordered him to deflower five virgins which will be provided by the county and then the judge read a poem he wrote for Richie and blew him kisses as he exited the courtroom.

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