Katherine Heigl is too good for this

Katherine Heigl is considering leaving Grey’s Anatomy, the show that kick-started her career. Citing long hours and boredom, a source told Us Weekly that Heigl is ready to move on. Heigl renegotiated her contract a little over a year ago so she may be locked in for a while, but she’s eager to jump into film.

Additionally, Heigl has had tremendous big-screen success with her leading roles in “Knocked Up” and “27 Dresses.”

“She’s a smart one. She saw what can happen with someone like Jennifer Aniston, who was crazy successful on TV, but can’t seem to carry a film, and she tested the waters early,” said a movie industry source.

Katherine Heigl is annoying and she looks like some sort of gremlin in that picture. I have no idea what she’s doing so I’m just going to assume she broke into someone’s house, stole their baby and plans to throw it off a bridge. Man, that Katherine is evil.

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15 years ago

Not this story again…it wasn’t true 3 months ago, 6 months ago, 9 months ago, last year or the year before that. It is like a broken record and come September she will be on Grey’s Anatomy again. How many times does she have to say she has no plans to leave? As for the picture – it is called unlocking a door. A very strange concept but apparently when it is unlocked you can open it.