Really creepy PSA of the day

This PSA for child molestation has nothing to do with celebrities, but I think it would have been a good idea for Nick Carter to watch this before he signed with Lou Pearlman. Although, if they ever did a remake of this, they should have R. Kelly play Mr. Mac and Roman Polanski direct. It would also serve them well to use indie music as the soundtrack. I hear it’s all the rage.

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13 years ago

Nick Carter was signed to Lou Perlman as a 12 yr old by his parents. No matter what your opinion is of Nick Carter as an adult, he was a CHILD when he started with the Backstreet Boys and therefore should be considered as a victim, if there was a crime, just as anyone else would be. The Backstreet Boys left Lou Perlman BEFORE Nick reached the legal age of majority.

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