The China earthquake was karma

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake ripped through China on May 12 killing almost 80,000 people and trapping thousands more under the rubble. On Sunday, a 6.0 magnitude aftershock hit Sichuan province killing six more and injuring around 1,000. It was a disaster in no uncertain terms.

Last Thursday during a red carpet interview in Cannes, Sharon Stone said they deserved it because she doesn’t like how the Chinese are treating the Tibetans. She also questioned how the United States should handle the Olympics because China isn’t being nice to the Dalia Lama, “who’s a good friend of mine.”

“Then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice, that the bad things happen to you?” said the 50-year-old star.

But the “Basic Instinct” actress had a change of heart when she got a letter from the Tibetan Foundation saying the organization wanted to be helpful to the quake victims. Stone was humbled.

“That made me cry,” she said. “Sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service, even to people who aren’t nice to you. That’s a big lesson for me.”

Isn’t that big of Sharon? She’s so gracious. I bet when she walks down the street and sees an Asian person, Sharon will stop them and tell them to “stop being mean to the Dalai Lama and FREE TIBET you Chinese jerk.” They’ll tell her in perfect English that they’re Japanese and Sharon will look directly at them, confused, and shout, “I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!” as if they were deaf and then proceed to walk away indignant.

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