What the freck?

In Hollywood, the pressures to be beautiful have driven many celebrities to undergo plastic surgery. Some people like Heidi Montag, who was once an insufferable bitch, but is now a bearable bitch thanks in part to her new c-cups, have turned out for the better. Relatively I guess. Others haven’t fared so well. Take for example, Nikki Cox. Nikki was once a decent looking redhead with a kickass body and insanely huge breasts.

Now with the gift of lip injections, she looks, how do I put this delicately, fucked up. Sort of like a fish, but uglier. When you talk to her, you half expect her to start gasping for air and thrashing around on the floor because she’s out of water. If you searched for her profile on, under “Dream Guy” it would say “Swamp Thing.” In an 80 MPH head-on collision, her lips could serve as an airbag. In the event that your airplane crashes in the ocean and Nikki Cox is sitting by you, do not hesitate to sit on her face ASAP. Her lips CAN be used for a flotation device. The only way she could look more ridiculous is if she painted her face like a sad clown and frowned and then fought an ostrich. Naked. Although, even then you’d still be asking why they replaced her mouth with a vagina.

Some old photos of Nikki below.

Props to ONTD for noticing this. Also, props to Jay Mohr for not bursting out in laughter when filming his scenes with Nikki.

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Lizzie (greeneyed fem)
Lizzie (greeneyed fem)

THANK YOU! I randomly flipped past an episode of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ a day or so ago and could not stop staring in horror at her FACE. There was something weird and cheap about her eyelashes, too, but her lips were just . . . I couldn’t believe they didn’t fire her and shove the hairdresser in front of the camera when she showed up on set looking like that! So wrong.


She looks like Steven Tyler, only uglier.

And spammers like “Kent” ought to be tarred and feathered…


Isn’t Jay Mohr her husband?


Jay Mohr looked like he couldn’t believe at what he was looking at. It looks funny if you watch the show LOL. And Jennifer looked like what is wrong with this chick LOL.


Jay Mohr is her husband


Jay Mohr’s her husband? Did she change her name to Nikki Mohr-Cox?


i used to have trouble watching her on las vegas even, her boobs were horrific there and her lips were almost always as bad. gross- she must have some serious issues!

ha ha ha

after watching the show i googled her… what did she do! even on las vegas i thought she got replaced by a fish, or they were making fun of people with body dysmorhpia…. but no… that’s her face! someone needs to intervene. for those intrested, they should also take a look @ Olivia Newton-John’s kid, Chloe… check her lips out… they might be just as bad!


I thought she was married to Bobcat Goldthwait!
SHe looks like she has the candy wax lips on


Bobcat is or was


I just don’t get it?!?!?!?!? Her lips were already full!!! Her lips had a really beautiful shape, they looked FANTASTIC, DELICIOUS just the way they were- naturally. I really do feel sorry for her, she must have such incredibly LOW self esteem, or some sort of mental problem … & I especially feel sorry for Jay. To think that you marry this incredible HOT piece of goddess, only to see her turn herself into the “Cat Lady” – Jocelyn Wildenstein … WHY, WHY, WHY!!! … Mental illness is a BITCH!

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