Nikki Cox is turning into the cat lady

Nikki Cox @ The People's Choice Awards

Nikki Cox made an appearance at the People’s Choice Awards yesterday and damn, she must be on a plastic surgery kick. She’s gone from normal, to duck lips and now to cat face. Pretty soon she’ll have the celebrity animal face market cornered. Admittedly a very small niche, but I assure you, a highly competitive one. Click through for the larger version.

nikki cox pca 01nikki cox pca 02nikki cox pca 03nikki cox pca 04nikki cox pca 05nikki cox pca 06nikki cox pca 07nikki cox pca 08nikki cox pca 09nikki cox pca 10

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

hmmm she’s got a big ol’ cock-sucker!

*knocking one out thinking of those lips wrapped round my swollen hog*

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