Jamie Lynn Spears is a genius

Future CIA operative Jamie Lynn Spears fooled the paparazzi over the weekend by using a lookalike to dupe the would be photographers. Jamie, having given birth to Maddie last week, left the hospital to little fanfare as she made her way to her home in Liberty, Miss. after paparazzi left in hot pursuit of a decoy vehicle populated by Casey Aldridge, Lynne Spears and her doppelganger.

That could have happened, but it’s more likely that the one guy trying to photograph Jamie didn’t even know he had been tricked because he decided to stop at a Burger King along the way. Of course, that didn’t sotp Casey and Lynne from rubbing their hands together and grinning at the thought of outwitting their mortal enemies. No doubt this will be the topic of discussion at the Spears household for weeks to come. Every meal of KFC and coleslaw will begin with “remember when we tricked the paparazzi with a lookalike?”

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