Angelina Jolie needs to gain weight

Angelina Jolie has been told by producers of The Thomas Crown Affair 2 to put on weight because they’re seriously considering her for the female lead and don’t want her fainting like she did while filming Wanted.

“Ideally they want Angelina to put on two stone for the role. It is going to be very physically demanding, which is why they want her to carry the extra weight.

“They don’t want a reprise of what happened with Wanted, where she was fainting and they had to take her costumes in.

“She was also slated for being too skinny to portray an action woman, and for Thomas Crown they want a convincing female lead.

Angelina Jolie slipping into unconsciousness is a good thing. How are you supposed to have sex with her when she’s conscious and all kickey and bitey? That just doesn’t seem very practical to me. Plus, it’s much cheaper than roofies.

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13 years ago

pregnancy boobies hooray!

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