Brooke Hogan hates her mom, turns into a monkey

Brooke Hogan

Linda Hogan recently leaked an old document signed by Brooke claiming Hulk Hogan was abusive towards her during their marriage. Now, Brooke Hogan regrets ever signing the affidavit filled with “exaggerations and fabrications about father Terry’s behavior during the marriage.” She has since asked that it not be filed in court and says she only signed it because of pressure from her mom and because she was upset with her dad at the time.

“It was only after I learned all the facts that I realized I made a big mistake in signing it.”

“I love my mother, and hope to one day reconcile with her,” Brooke says. “But using kids as pawns in a divorce is awful. Every day my mother resorts to this kind of behavior makes it that much harder for us to ever have a relationship again.”

Upon finishing her statement, Brooke beat her chest and climbed a tree to look for a mate. Five hours of silence passed before she gave up and found dinner.

Brooke Hogan Apologizes for Allegations Against Father [People]

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