Brooke wants you to watch her show

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan’s reality TV spin-off, Brooke Knows Best, premieres this Sunday and what better way to promote it than to release a bunch of photos of her playing around in Miami in a bikini. They’re pretty convincing actually. The prominent jaw line, the broad shoulders, the tree trunk legs, the man hands and the high levels of testosterone bubbling through her body all combine to form a series of pictures which scream, “Watch my show or I will crush you, little man.” A ton more after the jump.

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Blog Envy Is The New Black

Figure to die for and a manly chin… what to do, what to do *giggles*

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
12 years ago

I love to film myself cornholing Brooke, send that tape to the Hulk, then film him watching it.

You know his big dumb ass would jump up, start shaking his head and yelling NOOOOO like he did back in his WWF days.

That s**t would be funny!

12 years ago

God, someone please make this family of shallow, callus assholes go away.

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