Hulk Hogan found a job

Hulk Hogan, currently in a bitter divorce, seems to be running low on cash ever since his show Hogan Knows Best went off air. What’s a bald ex-wrestler to do? Why, star in a movie with Kimbo Slice of course. The unlikely pair are tapped to co-star in a martial arts comedy called Kung Fu U in 3D.

“Kung Fu U” in 3D is a Disney-type comedy about of a bunch of nerds and misfits that are sent away by their wealthy parents to the Brentwood Academy (a.k.a. Kung Fu U) to learn the finer arts of self-defense. It’s a heart-warming romp where the rather weathered warriors come to the rescue for the kids, and in turn, the kids rescue the warriors’ seemingly lost souls from what had been their eternal apathy. It’s a feel-good story that reminds us that we’re all the same, no matter what our age, or where we came from, and that we should all stick together.

If you’ve seen Hulk in Suburban Commando or Mr. Nanny, you’ll know what you’re in for. Add the fact that they cast Kimbo Slice whose resume includes such classics as Kimbo vs Adryan and Kimbo vs Sean Gannon, not to mention more recent classics like Kimbo beats up a 40-year-old and Ref saves Kimbo from losing, you can see the potential greatness. Although, I don’t know how realistic it is to have Kimbo in a place like Brentwood. In real life, he could be the nicest guy ever, but parents and kids would still run away as fast as their designer shoes would let them from the scary black man all the while throwing their wallets at him for appeasement.

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