It’s a trap!

Justin Long broke up with Drew Barrymore a week ago and it looks like he’s recovered, kind of. OK! Magazine says Justin was spotted holding hands with Kirsten Dunst in NYC.

“They stayed out all night and Kirsten was all over him and kept leaning in to kiss him.”

Page Six, however, says two days before Justin Long, Kirsten Dunst had her sights set on Emile Hirsch. She was seen stalking outside of the Bowery Hotel.

“Kirsten was there just to see Emile.” After she finished her cig, the source said, Kirsten followed the press-shy actor to club Bowery Electric next door. “She was all alone,” our snitch said. “She was going to the bar just to see him.”

Really? Kirsten Dunst? The only redeeming quality about her is if you were stranded in the jungle, she’d be able to join a pack of lions undetected to take down a deer and bring some of the kill back to you. Other than being bitey, all she does is sit there and look ugly. What gives? Is that even legal?

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