It’s Jamie Lynn’s baby

Maddie Briann Aldridge

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to Maddie Briann Aldridge — they sure do love their double consonants — on June 19. Just now has OK! secured the first pictures of this trollop’s kid. Also, an interview of some sorts.

“They’d told me it would be an eight- to 12-hour labor, and I was ready to have the baby in three to four hours,” Jamie Lynn tells OK!. “I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.”

“Once I got in there, my doctor was just so calm and so good it was not bad at all,” she says. “I was just talking to Casey. And you know what’s so weird? I was asking him if he was okay. He was like, ‘Yeah.’ We were both so excited.”

Look how happy they are. Teen mother and baby. To think, just a few years from now, Jamie will be screaming at Maddie about how she ruined her life and her career. They grow up so quick.

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