Michael Jackson goes “Wheeee!”

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson visited a toy store near his home in Vegas yesterday looking very inconspicuous. He disguised himself in a baseball cap, pyjamas, dreadlocked wig, sunglasses and a surgeon’s mask all while being pushed around in a wheelchair. There was absolutely no way that anyone would recognize him. Which is why it was a big surprise when parents started pulling their kids closer to them as Michael rolled by. “Drat!,” he thought. “I’m missing the most important part of my disguise: a stretched out condom pulled over my head.”

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
12 years ago

dude is beyond creepy. He needs a pack of jail house brothers to make a man out of him. AKA Make a real bitch out of him. MJ”hi I’m Michael” Prison dude “bend over bitch” MJ “I’d like that.” PD “shut up bitch” MK” you are big, bigger than a 10 year old” PD “I said shut up bitch, suck on this. MJ “mmgghhrrpphh” PD2 “I’m gonna wreck is pedo ass” PD1 “You bite my dick bitch I’ll rip your head off.” MJ “mmgghhrrpphh-AAAARGGGHHH” PD1 “you’ll do just fine her bitch” PD2 “He’s not so tight. Seems like a semi’s… Read more »

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
12 years ago

Okay, this is all cool-n-the-gang Vic. But, why on this comment page is there an ad. for MJ ringtones?

Now I feel all dirty: like “someone’s watching me”.

11 years ago

why does he have a marine corp hat on

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