Angelina Jolie wants more babies

This is actually a month old rumor from the National Enquirer, but it’s resurfacing again for whatever reason. Britain’s Daily star is claiming that although Angelina Jolie only gave birth to Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline last month, she’s already contemplating another adoption. This time from China. They say she was so devastated by the China earthquake in May that she’s been in touch with relief workers and has even received photos of a few orphaned kids.

“She’s made overtures offering a home to one earthquake orphan, or even two if they are siblings.”

Angelina Jolie is kind of like those nutty people who collect troll dolls. Except these trolls are alive and if you accidentally lose one while walking, you can’t just wait around on the sidewalk praying that the car driving by won’t run over it. Judges get sort of touchy when you do that.

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12 years ago

What a fucking retard.

12 years ago

It seems quite sad that a woman with everything has still got so many problems that she feels having her own tribe will fix. It is a slim possiblity that she is just trying to help but it is hard to believe in this synical world, wish she would adopt me

Bourbonnais Il
12 years ago

That’s good, she can afford that, the babies will have happy lives with such parents.

Green Grass
Green Grass
12 years ago

From one crowded, orphanage to another crowded place.

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