Amy Winehouse back to punching people

Police are looking into Sherene Flash’s claim that Amy Winehouse punched her in the eye when she asked for a picture at last Thursday’s End Of Summer Ball even in London.

A pal said: “Sherene asked Amy if she could take a photo. Amy was OK at first, but when Sherene asked if a friend could get in the shot, Amy lashed out.”

A source said: “She was getting distressed. There was a lot of grabbing and flashbulbs were going off. She was startled.”

Amy then ran off, crying out: “Life can’t go on. I can’t do this any more.”

Won’t she die already? Vampires don’t even live this long when you pump them with all these drugs. I bet if you chop off her head she’ll just grow back another uglier, even more deformed one.

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12 years ago

Amy needs to get help, the sooner the better.

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