Amy Winehouse carried out of hotel in a duvet

As a post concert celebration, Amy Winehouse, whose rider demanded 48 bottles of whisky, drank until 5 AM, destroyed her hotel room, shouted at staff and guests and was kicked out of the Ventour hotel. As usual, Amy was so wrecked she had to be wrapped in a duvet and carried to her car.

The hotel said they caused £5,000 of damage, burning furniture with cigarette butts and covering carpets with booze.

Amy — who gave yet another shambolic performance on Saturday night at the Isle of Wight gig — had downed a bottle of vodka for BREAKFAST.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Amy Winehouse is inhuman and not dying anytime soon. If we have to live with her, she might as well clean herself up. But how can this be done? What will it take? The plan of throwing large sums of money at her which allows her to buy a smorgasbord of drugs and alcohol doesn’t seem to be working so far. Maybe we need to throw more money at her. Yea, let’s do that and give her nice hotel rooms to stay in. What can go wrong?

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12 years ago

When is she just going to die already

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Wow, 48 bottles of whisky. I wonder how many people were in her entourage?

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