Janet Jackson is sneaky

Remember how Janet Jackson had to cancel a string of tour dates after checking into the hospital for migraines that caused vertigo? FOX speculates Janet may have been using her illness to distract from poor ticket sales.

But Jackson watchers speculated that she’d picked up an old trick from brother Michael. When ticket sales are off, or you just feel blue, claim illness. Michael has made more unnecessary hospital visits than any other celebrity besides his own mentor, Liz Taylor.

Even with Janet back on the road, her biggest problems are not resolved.

For one thing, she’s left her record label, Island Def Jam, after one release, the disappointing “Discipline,” which followed two flops in a row: “Damita Jo” and “20 YO.” Her departure from Island/DefJam could cause a problem in her personal life since longtime fiancée Jermaine Dupri heads up the R&B part of the label and was responsible for Discipline being so, well, undisciplined.

Janet’s problem is no one wants to listen to her music. Did she release a single this year? I don’t even know yet I’d still rather listen to deaf kids sing Christmas carols than watch Janet in concert. The biggest things to happen to her in the past five years was slipping a nipple at the Super Bowl and eating 500 cupcakes in one sitting. Which I suppose was an amazing feat, but people really don’t go to concerts for that