Joaquin Phoenix quit acting

Last night at the Paul Newman benefit, Joaquin Phoenix told Extra that he is quitting acting and focusing on music. Pressed for clarification, Joaquin said, “Yeah. I’m working on my music. I’m done. I’ve been through that.”

Casey Affleck said he didn’t think Joaquin was joking and his rep’s only response was: “That is what he told me.” Phoenix’s last film is Two Lovers with Gwyneth Paltrow.

This better be mind blowing music because I can only imagine Joaquin singing in his gravelly, disinterested voice. That crap puts me to sleep. He should start doing tween pop ballads. That way when Disney plays it for all the kids, they’ll all want to kill themselves on account of how depressing his voice sounds. I think it would be funny watching 13-year-olds frenetically try to slice their wrists open with plastic butter knives.

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