Joaquin Phoenix Got Emotional Bringing Up His Deceased Brother River Phoenix in His Oscars Speech

Joaquin Phoenix won his first ever Oscar tonight for Best Actor in Joker tonight. If you’ve watched his recent acceptance speeches, he’s brought up veganism, climate change, lack of diversity in Hollywood and other issues.

In his Oscar speech tonight, he basically said people shouldn’t drink milk in their coffee. Something about us impregnating cows to steal their milk meant for calves? Bro, it’s what the good lord wanted.

But at the end of his speech, he got choked up and quoted a lyric from his deceased brother, River Phoenix.

Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.

River, Joaquin’s brother, died Halloween night 1993 outside The Viper Room from a drug overdose, a club once owned by Johnny Depp.

That’s a good way to end his speech, honoring his brother.

He could’ve also taken the other approach, accept the Oscar as Joker.

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