Angelina could be pregnant again

Rumors spread yesterday that Angelina Jolie was pregnant again with In Touch fanning the flames. They allege Angelina told a waiter she was pregnant when he offered her a drink and that she pushed filming of Edwin A. Salt so her bump wouldn’t show. Geyer Kosinski told Us Magazine that this is not true and she will begin filming in February.

If this were true, it’d suck to have sex with Angelina. She’d probably get pregnant if your penis even breathes on her vagina. That’s a problem. You want to at least hit that a few times before you leave town and change your name.

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Rachelle Somerville
12 years ago

Rumours have confirmed that she is not….but plans for the future are in place!! Cant wait, they make the cutest babies

12 years ago

yeah she’s not

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