P. Diddy rests his case

ET confirms that P. Diddy is tapped to guest star in two episodes of CBS’s CSI: Miami as a federal prosecutor.

‘Entertainment Tonight’, who broke the news of the music mogul’s appearance on the show, revealed P. Diddy’s character will have a conflict with David Caruso’s character Horatio and his team “not only on a case, but also in their personal lives” in the episodes, to be aired in early 2009.

Normally, I’d chide any network show that stunt casts someone like P. Diddy. However, in this case, I say go for it. CSI: Miami is ridiculous as it is. At some point, it stopped trying to even pretend to take itself seriously. If CSI: Miami was a relative, it’d be the second cousin who was dropped on their head at four months and now enjoys eating hamburgers with a side of glue. P. Diddy is like the saftey helmet that goes on top of this unfortunate child’s head.

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