Taylor Swift just doesn’t get boys

Joe Jonas recently dumped Taylor Swift over the phone for 19-year-old Camilla Belle which is pretty embarrassing. More embarrassing than the fact that Taylor was actually dating Joe Jonas. The breakup resulted in being pretty much over guys. For five minutes anyway. She’s recently been seen with Intern Adam. I don’t know who that is, but I suspect someone out there does. Taylor explains:

“I’m thumbs down-ish about boys,” the blonde beauty said. “I’ve had a lot of guys complain about things I say either about them in songs or things I say about them in the press. I think it’s kind of fun to call out your ex-boyfriends. Why do this if your not going to take the opportunity to always have the last word, it’s so much fun.”

There’s no greater joy for Taylor than reaming an ex through a press release. Dating her is like having food poisoning. The beginning is filled with promise and satiated hunger, but when the night is over, you’re puking your guts out and praying for death and wondering where it all went wrong and why that Taylor Swift you ate had to go and make a song about your small penis.

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12 years ago

she is a brilliant talented girl that can play guitar, f*** him, he is on the jonas for freakin’ sakes!
f*** that disney crap music!

Willy should get hit by a UPS truck.
Willy should get hit by a UPS truck.
12 years ago

F**k you stupid little cunt.
Taylor was asocciated wth Disney in a way you fuckhead.
You’re talking s**t about Joe when heis very successful with his brothers.
Disney crap?
Who the f**k are you? What do you do?
You don’t know the main readon for their breakup so shut the f**k up.
Shove a knife up your ass.

Willy should get hit by a UPS truck should get hit by a bus
Willy should get hit by a UPS truck should get hit by a bus
11 years ago

F him? F yourself! Joe was cruel and the Jonas Brothers are awful! He went a little far when he said Disney crap, but you have no right to flame him like that. What does he do? What do YOU do? A knife? I don’t have to tell you to do it! Taylor Swift is amazing, I don’t understand why someone would break up with her. Besides, she has to let her pain out somehow. Writing songs is better than beating that person or insulting them in public. Keep up the good work, Taylor, and have a nice day! :D

12 years ago

hahaha the comments were more entertaining than the story!!

9 years ago

And you go drink cyanide. Then everything will be good. Give Taylor some cyanide as well. It’ll do the world a lot of good. Moron.

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