Angelina Jolie’s uterus has been condemned

Angelina Jolie has said she loves being pregnant because it makes her feel more like a woman and that she wants to do it again real soon. However, according to OK!, doctors have warned her that another pregnancy could put her and her baby in danger.

OK! has learned that because Angie’s last two pregnancies were so fraught with complications, she has been advised to wait a long time before getting pregnant again – or not to get pregnant at all.

“Her previous pregnancies ended with emergency caesarian secions,” an insider tells OK!. “She’s been told that, at the least, she should not get pregnant for a year after her last deliver, and it would be safer if she did not get pregnant, ever.”

“Angelina is at risk of having a stroke or heart attack, and because she developed gestational diabetes, there is a high risk she’ll have it again, with the child being at risk for diabetes.”

Keep in mind OK! Magazine loves to exaggerate. Like, if a celebrity fainted they’ll have doctors say they were snorting coke mixed with baking soda and that when a hot, young celebrity checks into rehab it’s for a sex addiction. Which is why you should take this story with a grain of salt. Plus, as I’m led to believe, Angelina Jolie is perfect in every way. She could birth gold bullion if she really wanted. They say that touching her is like taking Viagra for the soul. I don’t know what that means by the way, but it sounded nice.

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15 years ago

Wow I didn’t know OK magz suck that bad, I agree with the saying about touching angie thing because she’s really smoking hot with a great appeal and that makes her a viagra like