Tom Cruise wants Matt to know he’s sorry

In 2005, Tom Cruise called Matt Lauer glib during an interview about psychiatry and antidepressants. For whatever reason, a big fuss was made because today, three years later, Tom Cruise returned to apologize to Matt and warn him that Scientology will crush him with their alien technology. No, not really, but Tom said he “learned a lesson,” a “really good lesson” and that he realizes he came off as “arrogant.”

“I thought about it a lot,” Cruise told Lauer. “It’s a subject matter that was important. After looking at it, I really thought, it’s not what I had intended. In looking at myself, I came across arrogant. I absolutely could have handled that better.”

Tom Cruise once again spoke effusively about his wife and noted that he’s seen Katie perform 25 times in her Broadway play, All My Sons. Of course, he was only there to remind Katie that “it puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again” and to tent his fingers a few times while looking maniacally at her.

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13 years ago

Sounds like Tom has a movie coming out.

Joel Becker
Joel Becker
13 years ago

Actually, you come across as ignorant.

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