Jennifer Lopez wants her career back

In a bid to restart her acting career, Jennifer Lopez may star in the Broadway musical In the Hieghts. An insider tells Page Six that Jennifer chatted up the producer, Meryl Poster, at Nobu last Friday where they discussed roles. Lopez’s rep denied the rumors saying, “She loves the play but is not Broadway bound.”

Another source claimed a movie version is more realistic because Broadway shows are exhausting and time consuming. Sounds about right. Jennifer hates things that are exhausting and time consuming. Things like working out, performing on stage and walking. Can’t stand them. You know her ass? It’s not big because of genetics, it’s big because she likes to sit on it all day. Jennifer’s so lazy that for the past six years, she’s been begging her publicist to let her do press in one of those motorized wheelchairs.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

Sorta like trying to put the cum back in your cock after you’ve shot your load.

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