Pamela Anderson went to the beach

pamela anderson bikini 06

Pamela Anderson was in Malibu this weekend prancing around the beach in a bikini and being generally offensive toward my eyes. In a few shots, her bikini is slipping off her ass which should tell you how desperate she is for work. She can’t even afford swimwear that fits! I bet if you dangled a guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother in front of her face, she’d probably ignore your adamant refusals and blow you regardless.

pamela anderson bikini 01pamela anderson bikini 02pamela anderson bikini 03pamela anderson bikini 04pamela anderson bikini 05pamela anderson bikini 06pamela anderson bikini 07pamela anderson bikini 08pamela anderson bikini 09pamela anderson bikini 10

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

Even though her brown-eye hangs down like an old streched out slinky, I still would munch her cornhole and slide my pecker in there. Just for old time sake….

11 years ago

At her age, she’s still got a darn fine caboose. Not bad at all. Still qualifies as decent eye candy. But her boobs are still too big. More than a mouthful is wasted…

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