Shauna Sand is doing the bikini thing

Shauna Sand in a bikini

It’s unclear why being a Playmate once and marrying Lorenzo Lamas could garner anyone this level of fame, but here’s Shauna Sand, having her picture taken. You can tell she thinks she’s hot stuff too. More evidence that the silicone has gone to her head. I bet if you punched Shauna in the breasts, your fists would bounce back and hit you in the face. She should really think about joining the UFC or becoming an exercise ball.

shauna sand bikini 01shauna sand bikini 02shauna sand bikini 03shauna sand bikini 04shauna sand bikini 05shauna sand bikini 06shauna sand bikini 07shauna sand bikini 08shauna sand bikini 09shauna sand bikini 10

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
11 years ago

mmm you can see what she had for lunch yesterday in that one shot…..and I see what I want for lunch today!!!!

11 years ago

that girl doesn’t need to work out, the plastic works out for her

11 years ago

This is pretty catty and mean spirited. Did she turn you down for a date?

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