Freida Pinto isn’t bad

freida pinto elle 03

Freida Pinto showed up at the Elle Style Awards in London on Wednesday. Freida stars in the Oscar nominated Slumdog Millionaire. She also stars in some other stuff. Maybe. What? I don’t know. Why you gotta be so nosy for anyway.

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capt. cornhole

Bitch!??? What hell is that shit on your dress? Lionfish? Are you into freaky stuff like that. Show me your pooper and I’ll teach ’bout you some real freaky shit.

capt. cornhole

awwh man she’s indian! Those indian chicks don’t shave their bush….plus they know the kama sutra. As long as that means she takes it in the cornhole, I’m there.


Racist son of a bitch….

that's hideous

isnt bad?!
she’s gorgeous!

Freida Pinto

You guys should be ashamed of yourself. Is that all you can think of when you see any women. Don’t you have mothers and sisters in your home. How will you feel if other people wrote things like this for them?

Dr Rigor Mortis

Freida, feel free to model for me, LOL…


Its sad that after fiance was their for her in the good times and bad times when she becomes a star she dumps karma will take it course don’t fear Mr Antao she is famous not now so dont need the guy what a bitch!!!

What a witch indeed imagine she broke up with her boyfriend who stood at her side since in college days that would have been devastating for the guy his heart must be broken to pieces she used the poor guy as her marketing rep for her career forget her guy your better off with out her soppose she had married you then dumped u so better now to face the misery than marry her and she cheats on you by the way she is not pretty she must have slept with danny boyle to get the lead role hoes of… Read more »
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