Diddy wants you, but only if you’re female and light-skinned

Imperative Talent Management sent out a casting call for promo girls for a new Ciroc commercial they’re filming with Sean “Diddy” Combs. All females are welcome to apply as long as they’re “White, Hispanic or light skinned African American.” Dark skinned African Americans are SOL it seems. YBF has the email in full:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Promo girls needed!!!
Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 9:49 PM

Ciroc Promotion

Ciroc promo is this Friday, March 27, 2009
Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm and 12:00am – 3:00am


Race: White, hispanic or light skinned african american
Height: At least 5?6 or taller
Size 7 or smaller.

This is a cash @ wrap job and the booking will be thru our partner. Please submit asap. Talent will only be contacted if the client is interested in booking you!!!

Compensation: $35.00 per hour

Imperative Talent Management
3500 Lenox Road, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326
[email protected]
404-419-2565 Office
404-419-2564 Office

Diddy, of course, earns 50% of Ciroc profits for promoting the vodka brand, a projected $100 million deal that was signed in 2007. Back then, he told the AP: “It is not an endorsement deal. This is something that will have my daily attention.” So it stands to reason Diddy should know what’s going on in the commercial he’s filming. This doesn’t sound like it’ll end well. And, um, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Diddy dark skinned? What’s with the self-hate? Does he go home at night and with his right hand, force his left hand to slap his own face while he shouts, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?”

Fake? You decide.

Update: Turns out this might be fake. Here’s the official response from Ciroc. They don’t even know who put up the casting call without their permission.

“CIROC Vodka has nothing whatsoever to do with this inappropriate and offensive casting call, which was done without the brand’s knowledge or consent. We are currently investigating how this occurred. CIROC Vodka has created a brand that defines sophisticated celebration for all consumers, and in no way condones this practice.”

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14 years ago

This is fake!! I read on that Ciroc said they don’t know who this company is and they’re def not working with them. Plus their ads always have just gorgeous women, including dark-skinned ones.

mz knotrite
14 years ago

have you competely lost your ming? what the hell you mean no dark- skinned women have you looked in the mirror lately
glad i’m not close to you i would show you my black skin

14 years ago

Of course Diddy and Ciroc are claiming that they knew nothing about this now that the memo’s been leaked; they know how bad it looks and that it would be branding suicide to own it. But I wouldn’t be so quick to believe them; just look at the two women from his “I Am King” campaign, the long version; they fit this description precisely. Diddy has a type, and what’s in this memo is it. And of course he has self-loathing issues about his skin color; he learned them at home. Look at his dark-skinned mother running around in her… Read more »

14 years ago

Somewhere, at this moment, Kanye West is laughing his ass off.

14 years ago

Why would this ad be real? For one thing, I’m pretty sure at least one person from Ciroc knows how to spell the word ‘through’ properly, and I have never seen any casting call ads using abbreviations. Also, pretty sure a legitimate modeling company would have a lot more male models, instead of only four males and just over thirty females.