Katharine McPhee does the bikini thing

katharaine mcphee bikini 05

Here’s Katharin McPhee prancing around the ocean in Oahu for a movie she’s filming called Wedlocked. Not much has been heard from her since her American Idol days save for a movie and tv appearance here and there and there’s no indication that this new project should propel her into any type of spotlight. Meaning, we should probably enjoy her fantastic tits while we still can before she fades into complete obscurity.

For the curious, Wedlocked is about a mobster arraigning U.S. citizenship for his daughter by introducing her to an American photographer. If this American photographer turns out to be not really a photographer, but someone with a store bought video camera and cheap lighting, then I want to know who gave them permission to use my life story.

katharaine mcphee bikini 01katharaine mcphee bikini 02katharaine mcphee bikini 03katharaine mcphee bikini 04katharaine mcphee bikini 05katharaine mcphee bikini 06katharaine mcphee bikini 07katharaine mcphee bikini 08katharaine mcphee bikini 09katharaine mcphee bikini 10

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