Angelina Jolie collapsing again

Much like the fainting goat, Angelina Jolie stiffened up and collapsed on the set of her latest movie Salt. Producers say she’s fine and doctors have cleared her, but friends say she’s overworked and exhausted.

”She’s just doing too much,” a longtime associate of Jolie said Tuesday. ”Angie’s trying to be a supermom, a superstar actress and a super partner [to Brad Pitt] — and it’s just getting overwhelming.”

They add that Angelina is way too thin. Thinner than what Angelina considers thin. Which is thin. Trust them. She’s also been skipping meals and opting for diet shakes instead.

I know how Angelina feels. If I even have to go downstairs to fix myself a sandwich, I need a 10 minute cool down before I can even undo the twist-tie for the bread. I can’t imagine giving the six children she has hands-on care and filming a movie. If it were up to me, I’d lock the kids in a closet before leaving for work. Oh and I’d give them a bowl of water in case they get thirsty. I’m not a complete monster, okay?

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15 years ago

“Friends”…. What friends are these? This woman has NO friends…. Whatever though. Hope she’s getting some much needed rest and a whole lotta food. Poor lady.