“Music historian” Billy Bob Thornton did an interview with CBC for his band The Boxmasters and it all went to hell in the first two minutes.

Host Jian Ghomeshi began the interview by introducing Billy Bob as an actor and screenwriter which made Billy pissy because he requested not to mention anything about acting as Jian would later find out. The first couple of questions Billy just said he didn’t understand the host’s questions.

Later on when he’s asked about his musical influences, the stick gets wedged further into Billy’s ass and he goes into a story about plastic monsters and entering some contest.

Finally, he tells Jian he’s pissed that he mentioned his acting career when he told producers not to talk about it. And just for that, Billy took his metaphorical ball home by not playing with the band and denying everyone his cosmic cowboy singing.

This proves once again celebrities are spoiled little princesses. If they don’t get their way, they just sit there huffing. Five minutes into it, it looked like Billy was going to kick the host’s shins and call him a meanie. Their fragile egos can’t handle anything. If someone told him his music lacked substance, he’d get all defensive and say “No, YOU lack substance,” and then slam his door so he could cry into his stuffed animals.

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What an ass!


Who the hell does he think he is to act like an asshole this way.


What an idiot.


pissed off movie star? an idiot+asshole

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