Canada hates Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton, Boxmasters

After the awkward interview he did with the CBC’s “Q”, Canadian fans booed him when he and his band opened up for Willie Nelson on Thursday. Audience members took exception to the fact that Billy called Canadians “mashed potatoes without the gravy” in regards to their lack of enthusiasm at shows.

Billy tried to explain the comment was directed at the shows host, but fans didn’t buy it. Consequently, Billy’s Boxmasters have announced that they’re cancelling the Canadian leg of their tour.

A sad announcement for Canadian fans. Now they’ll never have a chance to pelt Billy with shoes, water bottles or any other heavy, blunt object. Who are they going to throw their loose change at now?

  • You can’t blame Billy Bob for everything.

    Canada get a life!

    • getalife

      STFU Canada has been nothing but good to the United States. Commenters like you are the reason why people think Americans are stupid.

  • What is Canada blaming Billy Bob for besides sucking?

  • chewy

    Canadians could always throw their change at Avril Lavigne.

  • Billy Bob who? Let’s not confuse hate with pity. The man needs help… although he won;t get much in Canada…

  • JD

    oooooh poor Billy Bob, the interviewer let him off easy, I would have asked him if Tom Petty, who has sold millions of albums over a strech of 40years, would act like such a tool when asked about his acting career???? Remember the Postman?????

  • Smith

    Great ambassador for America. You guys seriously cant be defending this moron. WOW

  • GG

    To MarkG and Chewy; Im’ sorry but I have to agree with “smith” and John Reynolds; the two posters above. If you two took the time to listen to the interview its self. I personally felt Billy Bob’s answeres were strange to the questions them selves. I’m no fan of the interviewer. In response to this post interview “controversy” it was Billy Bob was the one who got him self into this interview “mess” to begin with. If I were the interveiwer, I would have cancelled it right than and there to cool off every thing. Never the less you cant change time; Billy Bob does need some serious therapy and “help”. That should be a personal lesson to every one including my self, check your ego at the door before your’re going to say something… Thank you.

  • Paul

    Everyone just likes to ignore that his old pathetic fucking ass was STRUNG OUT ON DRUGS THE WHOLE DAMN TIME! He’s a piece of crap that has sucked for years! Why do people even give this guy a chance anymore? How in the hell did he get to touch Halle Berry? (sp?)

  • Billy is a moron

    Billy Bob is a moron and should shut his pie hole. He needs to be checked into a mental hospital. Stupid fuck.

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