Caps Lock engaged!

Last night, South Park aired a skit about Kanye West being a gay fish and returning to the ocean to be with the other gay fish where he does a musical number with the infamous auto-tuner.

Kanye just put up a response and wouldn’t you know it, his caps lock was stuck again.

He said the episode hurt his feelings, but that it was funny. You see, Kanye has been working on his crazy ego and blames himself for this. It’s his fault South Park wrote him this way.

Granted, none of that explains why Kanye was shouting while writing all this. It’s sort of like apologizing to someone by yelling at them and smacking the back of your hand across your palm the whole time making it seem like you’re about to beat the crap out of them. For some reason, you get the feeling it isn’t genuine.

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15 years ago

Why no link to his post?

15 years ago

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom. wtF ?