Michael Phelps still partying

Now that the bong thing has pretty much blown over, Michael Phelps can get on with what he does best. Chug Vodka and makeout with his girlfriend in front of everyone at Marquee. Gatecrasher says Phelps was drinking straight from a bottle of Grey Goose. When M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” began to play, Phelps danced liked a fool and kept shouting for “Shots!” Then he made out with his cocktail waitress girlfriend grossing everyone out.

“They wouldn’t stop making out! They were literally sucking face, and not caring that anyone was watching,” says our snitch, who added that Phelps danced up such a storm that he briefly went shirtless, changing out of his T-shirt in the club and putting on a zip-up hoodie with nothing underneath.

How this goofy looking dude got a girlfriend is beyond me. A caricature of him on rollerblades would be more handsome.

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