Michael Phelps Got His Grumpy Cat on at the Olympics and Twitter Is All Over It

Look at this. This is the ultimate face of “I fucking hate you” or “I just got one of those new double triple crunch wraps at Taco Bell.”

Apparently before their race, Michael Phelps‘ opponent, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, got into the zone with a little boxing dance and the most decorated Olympian of all-time was not exactly a fan.

Twitter is definitely a fan of his glower and has memed the f**k out of it. Take a look.

I feel that meme in my spirit parts.

Michael, I am your dealer.

I don’t see how they changed the picture.

They deserve a medal for this tweet, tbh.

Too real.

What kinda villain would he be? One that likes to party probably.

Snaaaaaaap. They went in.

Shout out to Michael Phelps for being a good swimmer and whatever, but more importantly for being excellent meme material.

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