People Have Been Inserting Other Iconic Laughs Into ‘Joker’ and I’m Here For It

Warner Bros / Joker

Joker was the top movie in the country on its opening weekend and not a single person was shot, much to the chagrin of basically every media outlet in the country who had been salivating for this weekend to be Aurora 2: Electric Boogaloo.

But it has become a sort of pop culture phenomenon. Particularly Joaquin Phoenix’s laugh, sort of a plot point in the film.

Social media users have been replacing that laugh with other famous laughs and it’s amazing.

Remember Tidus’s disturbingly bad laugh from Final Fantasy X?

I saved the two best for last. The first one is Peter Griffin.

The second one is British comedian Jimmy Carr, who has a laugh that is charitably described as “fucked up.”

That is 100% the content I signed up to this hellsite to see.

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